Montag, 22. August 2016

Irrer als Trump? - Teil II

Was für Wahnsinnige hat Trump nur um sich geschart – Stephen Bannon, Kellyanne Conway und Paula White!

Daneben gibt es Jakes Freundin Katrina Pierson, die als Trumps Sprecherin fungiert und verkündete Barack Obama habe den Afghanistankrieg angezettelt.
Eine ganz reizende Person.

The Donald Trump experience just keeps getting weirder. Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson, who previously made headlines for wearing a necklace of bullets during an interview, was questioned about her 2012-2013 tweets in which she referred to President Obama as the “head Negro” in charge and that he wasn’t a “pure breed” because his father wasn’t born in the United States.

Ein weiterer bekannter Trump-Unterstützer ist Jim Gilmore, der Ex-Gouverneur von Virginia (1998-2002), der so heftig lügt, daß er innerhalb weniger Minuten dreimal von der MSNBC-Moderatorin Joy Reid zurechtgewiesen und korrigiert werden mußte.

Ein weiterer GOPer mit Regierungserfahrung hinter Donald Trump ist der ultra-fundamentalistische radikale Schwulenhasser Sam Brownback, 59, seit 2011 Gouverneur, der Abtreibungen als „Holocaust“ bezeichnet.
Brownback vermochte es die Wirtschaft seines Bundesstaats innerhalb weniger Jahre zu ruinieren und gewann daher die Wiederwahl in seinem traditionell extrem konservativen Kansas nur noch ganz knapp.

This column has spent a fair number of words over the past couple of years defaming Kansas Governor Sam Brownback for the damage he’s wrought on the ignoramus Kansas residents that keep voting for him. Brownback has inflicted such an incredible amount of economic devastation on the state due to his adherence and allegiance to the Ronald Reagan-era disaster known as ‘trickle down’ economics, that even George W. Bush’s Commerce Secretary said he is terrified of what a Trump economy would do to the country and is happily voting for Hillary Clinton.
Brownback boasted that as governor, he would prove once and for all that if the Republican economic agenda was fully implemented in Kansas, the entire nation would see what truly glorious prosperity would look like.
Thus far, Brownback’s glorious experiment looks like massive debt, credit downgrades, hospital closures, drastically underfunded schools, massive healthcare cuts, raided budgets, perpetual revenue shortfalls, and as reported this week, massive job losses. Most Americans comprehend that in Republicans’ minds, closing schools, hospitals, allowing roads to deteriorate, and massive debt is not a bad thing, and they justify those atrocities as necessary sacrifices to develop a job-creating Utopia. In fact, Governor Sam Brownback pledged to Kansas residents that his brilliant ‘trickle down’ scheme would create at a minimum 2,000 jobs a month; and that was just the start.  Well this week it was revealed that not only has Kansas not created 2,000 jobs each month, the jobs losses in Kansas are increasing each month. [….]

Nachdem Brownback also Kansas’ Wirtschaft niederrang, dachte sich Trump, der Mann sollte mein ökonomischer Berater werden. Kein Witz.

Gov. Sam Brownback, who tanked Kansas’ economy, now advising Trump on economics.

Geschäftsleute sind wenig überzeugt.

A policy survey of National Association for Business Economics (NABE) members released Monday shows that 55% of business economists feel that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would do the best job as president of managing the U.S. economy. The candidate with the next-largest percentage of the vote was Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson: 15% of NABE members said he’d do the best job managing the economy. Another 15% or respondents said they didn’t know who would be best or that they didn’t have an opinion.
Just 14% chose Donald Trump. [….]

Es ist schwer noch irrer als Trump zu sein, wenn selbst das ultrakonservative FOX verzweifelt den Kopf über den GOPer schüttelt.

Tatsächlich gibt es aber in Amerika eine Person, die sogar noch dümmer und noch irrer als Donald Trump ist:
Michele Bachmann, Ikone der Doofheit, die jeden Satiriker in den Schatten stellt.

Die ultrarechte Verschwörungstheoretikerin ist so sehr von der Realität entkoppelt, daß man verzweifelt nach Worten ringt, um ihren Wahnsinn zu beschreiben. Verglichen mit Bachmann ist Sarah Palin („I can see russia from my house!“) ein Genie.
Der Punkt, an dem man Satire und Realität noch unterscheiden kann, ist überschritten. 

Ich borge mir ein paar Überschriften zum Thema:

With Trump's campaign now led by blatant racists and hillbillies, Bachmann couldn't possibly have found a more welcoming (and appropriate) home.

Person With IQ Lower Than Her Shoe Size Hired By Trump To Teach Him Foreign Policy.

Michele Bachmann Advising Donald Trump On International Policy, Radical Islam, Underpants Gnomes.

Gratulation Herr Trump! You have reached a new low!

[….] Donald Trump does a lot of stupid stuff. Shocking, I know. The particular kind of stupid, though, is really a cut above the garden variety. Out of all his available options for someone to help teach him about foreign policy he picked (oh my God why?) Michele Bachmann.
Yes, the Minnesotan mental case who we spent years laughing at while she was a member of Congress is advising Trump on foreign policy because nobody understands the world the way she does.
If Trump got a phone call that there was a massive earthquake and the entire city of London lay destroyed. Would Michele tell him not to help, because God sent it to punish the gay people?

[….][….] Among the vast collection of stupidity that composes 100 percent of her congressional career, she had a few truly wonderful foreign policy gems.

    She said that the Muslim brotherhood infiltrated and “influenced” the U.S. government.
    She thinks the U.S. has a secret agenda to do away the dollar and embrace one global currency.
    Benghazi — that needs no explanation of any kind.
    Don’t forget that time she didn’t understand that Libya was in Africa
    She invented fake U.S. air strikes in North Africa to use as a sound bite during a congressional hearing.
    She still thinks that Iran is going to seize Iraq
    She thinks the global initiative to cut carbon emissions is a waste of time because carbon dioxide is necessary to life on this planet. [….]

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